Gastric Hypno Band
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  The Gastric Hypno Band Frequently Asked Questions:
How does it work?
By using the latest techniques in Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT, we can interact with the mind body connection, for example, have you ever watched something scary? your heart rate may have increased, adrenaline released into your body, butterflies in you stomach, sweaty palms perhaps even a scream or two whilst in the safe environment of your home or cinema. A classic example of the connection of your subconscious to your bodily functions. Even though you consciously know that you have not actually 'under gone the knife' your subconscious can behave exactly as if it had, with none of the risks. People have actually died during gastric surgery, all of the potential benefits and at a fraction of the cost. Gastric Band surgery costs between 7500-10,000.
How long will it last?
Our aim at The Clarendon House Practice is a permanent solution to your weight issue. We rely on referrals from previous clients and private medical practitioners so we have a vested interest in the outcome as much as you. Which is why we also offer our unique guarantee, the like of which you will not find in any other practice in the UK.
Am I suitable?
Unlike surgery when you need at least a BMI of over 35, the programme can be suitable for anyone. For some people losing that final 2 stone can be just as important as someone that needs to lose 10 stone. That aside we do not take everyone on as a client. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the programme and to see if it is right for you. We want to protect the success rate and the integrity of the Gastric Hypno Band Programme, hence the no obligation initial consultation.
Are there any guarantees?
Yes absolutely, if at any time after the programme you are not completley satisfied, you can have our alternative programme which we call Hypno-Slim and would normally charge 390 for this but for you if needed its totally free. Also at anytime in the future if you need any re-enforcement you can have further work recorded especially for you on your own Hypnopod CD's. This is a lifetime guarantee the likes of which you will not find elsewhere.
Why is there no money back guarantee?
Where do I start? Firstly if you are thinking along these lines , ask yourself, how focused are you really on a positive outcome if you are already thinking about failure? I know that in some cases it's understandable, how many times before you have tried and failed. Well this is not a diet and by approaching your weight loss differently you will get a different outcome. Which we believe will be permanent weight loss. Are there any side effects? Of course, somewhere in your subconscious you will be behaving and responding as if you had actually undergone surgery , without any of the considerable risks of anesthesia and the procedure. Leading to permanent weight loss.
Where are your practices?
Full details can be found in the contact page but we are based in Harley Street London, Holborn London, New Bond Street Mayfair London, Chelmsford Essex, Saffron Walden South Cambridgeshire. For overseas clients or clients that can't easily get to one of our practices we offer the full programme on a Hypnopod, which includes a free Apple Ipod Shuffle and the unique guarantee.
When can I start?
As you can imagine we are very busy but the practices are open from 8am- 9pm Monday to Friday and Saturday day time. The sooner you book your free initial consultation the sooner you can start.
How much does it cost?
Less than 10% of the cost of actual surgery, 990 in London, 690 in the Home Counties and 390 for a Hypnopod, all come with the unique Clarendon House lifetime guarantee. The price is subsidised in the Home counties as we own these Practices outright and can absorb a lot of the costs involved.
  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone, email, Skype or by completing our short enquiry form
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