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Client comments:
Hi Adrian,

Im still doing really well, I have maintained a 30 pound wieghtloss since I saw you at the start of February (18 weeks ago), however I feel things have plateaued a bit.

I'm doing lots of exercise, running 3 times a week ant I'm doing well drinking mostly water have the occassional wine and coffee and I have very little carbs now (bread, rice, pasta and potatoes). I feel these are positive permananet changes that I can continue with for life.

However, I'm still struggling with chocolates biscuits and cakes finding it difficullt to have just one or two. I have moments of weskness where I just seem to eat and eat. Also I find it hard when at work to resist chocolate and cake based snacks and goodies. And I still struggling with portion sizes and leaving food on my plate when I'm out say at a restaurant or at a barbecue for example. Potion sizes dont matter to much at home as i tend not to have to much carbs I eat alot of vegetables to compensate.

I hope you can help.



Adrians comments:

"I have now recorded Lisa another set of bespoke sessions which cover the issues she mentioned above ,there is no further cost for this is covered by the Clarendon House guarantee, that once we take you on as a client will continue to work with you until you achieve your goals,I'll keep you in touch with her progress Adrain Matthams Dhp founder of the Gastric Hypno Band Programme"

Hello Adrian

Thought it was about time I gave you an update on how things are going. I have now lost 1 stone 5 lb. I am exercising 5 days out 7 for an hour. I am finding that I am coping with stress far better than before (that has been tested to the extreme!). I am very aware of what food choices I make - I do not see myself on a diet in the traditional sense but find that I mostly pick the healthier options. I am still drinking coffee but in much reduced quantity! I am easily drinking 2 litres plus of water a day (sparkling water has now replaced all fizzy drinks - no diet drinks).

Overall, I feel in a better place. Whereas I would be constantly concerned how long it will take me to lose the excessive I am now happy to be moving in the right direction. I am however concerned that if/when I plateau weight wise that I will get very down - so will be straight onto you to sort it!

I am off on holiday tomorrow and had a number of friends say "you will be giving up your diet then whilst you are away" - I am amazed by this as I do not see this as a diet more of a complete and ongoing lifestyle change. I just hope that the scales are kind to me when I come home!

I have loaded your recordings onto my phone and therefore have them with me constantly. Knowing that they are there if I need the extra support is a great benefit. I have listened to the recordings several times - but have no set programme.

I truly hope that I will not be having to put an SOS through when I get back home from my holiday and will be taking your recordings with me!

Will give you an update again soon.



Dear Adrian

Almost a week on I thought I would feedback progress so far.

If I had to describe it, I would say "you have taken food out of my head" - its quite wierd and very very interesting

I have not had a diet coke once (have had one minimum every day for a frightening number of years when I think about it)

Have ventured into caffeine free tea and coffee and am doing a phased withdrawal of sweetners - down to 2 per day - again drastic reduction I have left food on my plate - not every day - but this is a small miracle for me as that was just something I never ever do.

It's very interesting and hard to describe because there was no crashing of cymbals or lightning flashes, but I have just not wanted things like cake - bearing in mind that I work for one of the London boroughs affected by the rioting in a relatively pivotal role, and there has been a plethora of cake and sugar as people struggle to keep awake and cheerful, the only thing I had was a piece of icing (finger nail sized) from a cake that I had actually bought for a good friend's birthday - and it just tasted like chemicals - I wanted to spit it me I never ever give up food (or perhaps I should say never used to)

There is a part of my head that is saying "it'll never last" but that is to be expected because historical evidence shows that it hasn't so far, but I am just going with the so far so good approach - I am not weighing myself but will know by my clothes, but to be totally honest, if I only lose a few pounds but stay with eating reasonable portions of good food, that will be a miracle in itself - after years of bingeing on crisps and cake and feeling poisoned and bloated and only managing not to be obese by the amount of exercise I do, and then living on salad and veg to get the extra pounds off before starting on the roller coaster all over again. I actually know in my body what it's like when I eat well, I can cycle faster, lift heavier weights and don't need so much sleep - when I am poisoning myself I cycle slow, struggle in Body Pump and need loads of sleep and wake feeling exhausted. Considering the week I have had I am amazed at how I feel and how much I have done this week (making jam and wine at ten o'clock at night - which is one of my interests - rather than loafing on the sofa getting RSI with the remote)

Reading this I must apologise it is hardly Shakespeare! but it does reflect how I feel and I am calling the exhaustion card on the prose

Kind regards and thank you so much

Oh and am listening to the cd nightly - one section per night

Thanks again


Hi Adrian

I thought you might be interested to know how I'm getting on since I had my GHB.

The process kicked in immediately after our meeting on 28 Jan, though initially I had a headache for a week, which I felt was probably connected. I'm very please to say that there have been quite dramatic changes in my eating behaviour and activity levels. During the first month I have lost 1 stone even though we were in Spain for 2 weeks of that time.

My husband, is very surprised at how quickly my appetite, portion sizes, and speed of eating have been modified and I am truly delighted. I have felt much more positive and calmer too.

Thank you for your help and good advice and I'll let you know if I need any further recordings.

Kind regards


Hello Adrian

I thought I would let you know how I have been doing since my "Operation" which I listened to in January - and I have lost 2stone 4lbs!! which is incredible - I am so pleased with myself and you of course! I have never felt so positive over losing the excess weight - we have booked ourselves onto a cruise in Sept and hope to be a shadow of my former self by then.

Once again thank you for your help


Dear Adrian,

Well I have done it, the 1st Stone has gone, and glad I am to be rid of it!

I am working very hard on the next one,[ hope to be in the 15's by Christmas] I have upped the bike again to 30mins, and I am also doing arm pulls on the handle bars, 60 of them to make the underarms firmer, and less flabby.

I was delighted to lose the 3lb last week, but I did work hard on the bike so the exercise message is getting through!

What makes it even more of a surprise was it was my husbands birthday and we went out with friends to have a meal, and I dont think that they even noticed that I did not have more than one glass of wine, and I did not have coffee, and I left things on my plate.

Thanks very much for the 1st stone .

regards CP

Dear Adrian,

Have lost another 1lb last week and have now upped the bike to 25min sessions so hope to do better next week.

Invites keep coming all the time for next year, can't think why! Now have a 60th Birthday on the cards next July so now have 3 events to be slim for, so really need to move the flab!

Still have not had any tea or coffee, and not really missing it that much, still cooking up a storm in the kitchen with recipes, so i am glad that my husband is not suffering!

I shall be glad when I crack that first stone off, that will give me a boost as well, although you cannot see that I have lost anything as such, I know because of the waistbands being looser.

Yours sincerely CP

Voice message received 22/11/2010

"I've just got to tell you that I can't believe the difference in me in a week.

I was the one that was there feeling really envious because all of the other ladies felt that they felt something during the hypnosis and I didn't and obviously I reallty thought that I was lying there with my eyes shut and nothing had happened.

I could drink Diet Coke and eat crisps until they came out of my ears and I haven't touched them or even wanted them since and I am really sincerely overweight as Adrian knows.

In a week I can see my massive double chin starting to go down. I can't tell you the difference that it has made. I just can't believe the difference.

Thank you very much. I feel like I've had a magic wand waved over me".

Dear Adrian,

Well things seem to be going very well. I am down to only one cup of tea a day! The next warm drink I have is a green tea with I teaspoon of honey, then it's on with the water!.

I still find it hard to leave food on the plate, but I am having less on the plate, does that count?

I have not been making many deserts, and my husband has lost 3lb! poor thing he does not have to lose weight, he's the lucky one! he must be coming out in sympathy!

We had some good news this week, my oldest friend is coming over from Australia next year and wants to go here there and everywhere so I had better be a lot fitter and slimmer than I am right now or I won't be able to do it all. But it does provide lots of inspiration!!

This weeks weight loss is another 2lb and joy of joy's I have cracked the 16stone , so maybe I can think about something nice to wear for Christmas !

All for now, CP

Hi Adrian

I am still eating only three meals a day with an apple in between if needed. I sometimes have to say out loudly to myself 'I don't need it' regarding an extra portion, this generally happens when the weather is cold I want more stodgy food then.

But I am eating less bread and my tea intake is one a day and sometimes not at all, that is a miracle in itself, my family are amazed as I was a 10 to 12 cups a day person. Coffee about 4 a week but I never was a coffee drinker anyway. I am drinking 2 Rooibos cups of tea a day and quite like it - caffiene free and full of anitoxidants.

I am slowly losing weight not apparent size wise yet, but everything is looser my trousers have room in them and I cannot wait to buy a skirt, I have not worn a skirt for several years so to me it is a step forward to even think about it. I am optimistic about the end result which is that I shall lose weight and be the size I am comfortable with, in my case a size 14 feeling feminine once more.

I listen to the CD twice a week and relax deeply.

Hope the rest of our group are doing well, I can see that K is from her e mails to you.

Thank you Adrian.

Dear Adrian,

Many thanks for the CD it arrived this morning.

You will be pleased to know that some things have changed already, I no longer have toast and peanut butter for breakfast, that changed to muesli to finish off the packet and now it's porridge with fruit, 1/2 a banana or raisins. So the GI thing is coming through loud and clear! The water is not a problem just a little more than the 2pints I already was drinking { it could be a resistance to metrication!}.

You will also be pleased to know that we have ordered a rowing machine to deal with the problems related to getting exercise that we discussed, it will exercise just about all of the muscle groups and Brian {my husband} hopes it will help with his shoulder problems , so double benefits!

I have also lost 5lb and my ankles and feet are very grateful , as am I. When the exercise starts I am confident things will keep on the right track, and I am optimistic for the first time in many many years, so thank you so very very much Adrian you are a life saver, and I will keep in touch on a regular basis.

Yours with gratitude C

Hiya guys, How is everyone doing?

Well what a week and a bit has done to me.

I've noticed so many changes, I feel like my whole life has changed already. I've been to the gym 4 times (I would have gone more but my daughter has been poorly).

I'm definitely drinking 2 litres of water, if not more and finding that rather than automatically going for a glass of squash or a diet coke or a glass of wine, I'm thirsty for water and only water will do the trick. It's amazing!! I've noticed the portion sizes are significantly smaller and I'm wanting to stop eating when I'm full rather than forcing myself to carry on.

I'm really sorry, though Adrian, but I failed in avoiding the scales (I just couldn't resist a sneaky peek on Friday, just to see what a week had done) and I'm pleased to say that I'm 4lbs down, in one week...woo hoo!! I'm not particularly keen on the eating left handed, though....I can see myself dying of severe starvation if I keep that up, but it was great fun when I got my daughter to do it too, we laughed so much just trying to eat!!

I feel so much happier in myself. I'm happier in my job, I'm happier at home and I'm confident that this will actually work, not just to lose weight but to change my way of life.

Adrian, you are a star, thank you so much.

Kind regards


I am waking up with a feeling of there being more to life again.

Enthusiam and the desire to do and move more have come back and my mind seems clearer.

Though winter will be coming on along with the dark nights I sense my old feeling of well being is on the rise.

I have been finding it easy to say no and to leave things on my plate.

Thank you thank you.


I have noticed things that I am doing without thinking about it like drinking water CONSTANTLY!

I am feeling very positive and at peace with myself it is pleasantly strange.

The only conscious decision that I have really made is what part of the food to leave on my plate so I decided to eat the veg and leave some of the meat, I had no carbs anyway , amazing!

I really hope this is all a sign of things to come and if I continue to feel this way I know I will be slimmer and healthier in no time - thank you!


Yes, got three recordings through thank you!

Seems to have kicked in immediately! Haven't put the scales in the bin yet, just not got round to it, but felt no need to jump on them, not even after our session to see what my start weight was.

My appetite has dropped dramatically and the thought of eating rubbish makes me feel quite ill.

I don't know if I am imagining it, but when I am eating at a certain point a feel a sharp pain in my stomach and I am using this as the indication to stop.

May be my imagination, but hey if it works!

I'm amazed! Thank you :)

Will keep a diary and let you know how I get on.

Thank you for getting intouch and sending the CD on, I am finding it a bit difficult to believe that this is actually working, but it is !!!! and I am so pleased.

This was my last attempt to lose weight and i was pretty desperate, but I knew deep down that I needed my head sorting out before I could proceed forward.

Again thank you.

Just to let you know that I have gone down a dress size thanks to your hypno band session.

I am finding it ok, I am not perfect yet but continuing to listen to the cd and am definately eating differently.

Smaller portions and continuing to change my life.

I will stay in contact.



It's S from Rotherham, I had my Hypno Band done in August and i am doing really well at the moment, I had to get weighed after a month, you know just to see and I had lost 9lb !!!!.

I know some people are losing it faster, but I am really pleased with that.

I didn't do any exercise for two weeks, then i got up one morning and actually wanted to walk to work!! and I still am (whats that all about).



Hi Adrian - something very, very strange seems to be happening !

I know it is early days but I seem to be calm around food. And not constantly starving!

I'm stunned. Thank you so much for even these last few days of peace around food.

I'm feeling more hopeful as each day passes...........

I will keep you posted.

Many, many thanks,

Just to let you know that I have gone down a dress size thanks to your hypno band session.
I am finding it ok, I am not perfect yet but continuing tolisten to the cd and am definately eating differently.
Smaller portions and continuing to change my life.

I will stay in contact.



Thank you for the CD which I am finding really good.

I know that I should not be weighing myself but I couldn't resist and I have lost 3lbs. The good thing is however that I am eating much slower and not finding it quite so difficult to stop eating when I feel full.

To leave food on my plate goes against all my upbringing so it is a real achievement.

I'm also consciously drinking more water although I do hate the tastelessness of it and so am putting just a few drops of fruit squash in it!

However I've only had about 2 cups of ordinary tea in the last week so that is good.

I was on one of your sessions in May, and I just wanted to let you know that since I had the hypnosis, I have managed to lose 19lbs in the month up to the beginning of last week.

I am over the moon and I feel great and have much more energy now and I just wanted to thank you for your help.

I would never beenable to achieve these results without the hypnosis, I am target for my 40th birthday in August!

Once again, thanks for your help.

Kind regards


Hello everyone,

Well one week down and yes I do feel different. I've eaten a fraction of what I normally would and yes can feel my jeans getting looser. I also realised that without deliberately trying, I have only drunk water in the last week. I have also been to the gym four times since I left the hotel Sunday lunchtime as well as out for long walks a couple of times.

As for food, I actually think I'm enjoying it more than previously as I don't feel guilty eating it, does that make sense? I am also starting to feel this is normal rather than that I am deprieving myself. I ate a mini milky way but to be honest didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Have decided that I will weigh myself after one month to see how my weight is going, and this is probably the hardest thing.

Hope everyone is well


Hi everyone

Well, how do we all feel now we have completed 1 week?

I feel great and been making good decisions around food and have not had any alcohol ... purely by choice as I'm too full of water!!! ... and I have to confess I have been on the scales ... as a result of a pair of trousers feeling loose ... and I have lost weight (6lbs) without significantly upping my activity levels ... this is my next week's target ... improve activity ( i have to do it i've told you all now).

Hope all is well with you all and weight is coming off


Morning everyone,

Faced a big one last night: girls night out with dinner. Thankfully my friend knew about the sessions I had done so I could be open with her and she supported me in menu choices. I would say that I probably ate slightly more than the other meals this week but still significantly less than usual. We shared a garlic bread starter and then I had 2/3 of a main course and no dessert. Although a little more than usual, I went down the route of that is what an ideal me would do on a night out and decided a small treat is allowed, well I hope it is?


Hi everybody

Yes ... faced the same problem ... a night out with food ... scary ...but did the same as you shared a starter and ate 2/3 of my dinner ... no dessert !!!!! Only I did have a few G&T's (naughty) but tried to absolve myself by also ordering a litre of sparkling spring water and drinking that alongside my meal.

Luckily the loo was nearby .. and I agree with you, it is something you have to plan into your day .. the availability of toilet stops!

All in all ate and drank far far less than a normal night out ... and I agree with you ... you have to keep a focus on your 'ideal' you.

I am still so amazed with myself as normally I would feel like I was denying myself .... no desert ...small portions .. no chips....but I only feel now that I am full and actually don't want it! This mind shift is a real revelation to me !!!

Have greatfully received all my recordings ... thanks Adrian ... hope you had a fantastic birthday break .. lucky you!

Hope your all doing well .. love hearing your updates!


Hi everyone

Hope you are all doing well and eating less and drinking the water ... I'm finding that I now have to plan my routes so I have a nice toilet to use when needed!!

I'm not sure how I feel at the mo, I do feel more energetic and invigorated ... and since getting home I have slept the best sleeps ever ... and that's worth its weight in gold!!

Has anyone else noticed this also or is it just me?

Hope you have all got your recordings now ... I fell asleep listening to one session the other night and was woken by the next piece of music ... and it was really loud!! I'm just not sure if I heard the session or not, the 12345 didn't wake me!!

ce la vie!!

Keep at it ... we could have a reunion and not recognise each other ... wouldn't that be great ...

Hoping you can all keep in touch ...


Hi all,

Yes it is an amazing thing .. felt sure it wasn't gonna work after Sunday then following 5 steps as much as poss. (exercise not my best point) I'm finding that full feeling just hits and all desires for more disappear !!!

It's the weirdest thing ....can't believe it and still feel it isn't gonna last .. forever the sceptic ... but so far not knocking it .... think Adrian is a magician ...

Hope everyone else is having the feelings of success.


I promised to let you have my thoughts and feelings following our sessions and I have tried to do this below. I am delighted to report that the weight is steadily coming off - I have lost another 8 lbs since I saw you (two weeks ago today). "K... has lost over 25lb in six weeks so far"

I am so pleased with the way that things are going. I don't know how it works for me, but all I can say is that my behaviours have changed dramatically. I feel liberated about food. I can now leave food on the plate if I have had enough, even if I really like it. I can not so much say no to certain foods at certain times, but I don't even have the thought that I might want them (in Starbucks in particular!). Also I can, for instance, travel home from work and not be worried that I have nothing sweet at home - whereas in the past I would stop and buy something sweet before I got home. I feel more energetic, more positive and sure that this therapy has changed me for life.

All in all Adrian , I cannot thank you enough, it has been a pleasure meeting with you and I feel you have turned my life around.

Lastly, you may receive a call from a friend of a friend of mine. Her name is ******** and she is due to go ahead with a surgical procedure (not sure when). I said she should see you first!

Perhaps I can arrange to see you again in the New Year - I will be in contact.


After many years of trying every diet under the sun I decided to have hypnotherapy. My experience of diets had been only short term weight loss - inevitiably I would gain the weight I lost and worse still a little bit more. Diets just don't work.

Finally I knew that the only way round it was to be to change what's in my head. In August 2009 I went for a free consultation where the process was explained to me. There were two options available: Hypno Band or Hypno Slim. I chose the band and attended for my first at the begining of September. I have to admit beforehand I was excited but little bit apprehensive. I needn't have been: I learnt more in the first hour with Adrian than in ten years of dieting. During the hypnosis part of the session I felt awake but was incredibly relaxed. It's hard to describe but I thought differently instantly. I went to Tesco stared at chocolate didn't buy anything, chocolate treats for my children sat untouched in my fridge for a whole week. For the first time I felt in control.

At my next session I had the hypno band done. I am now 2½ weeks in I feel fabulous and really in control. I still eat everything I enjoy. The best thing is that if I want a piece of cake I have it, but you just do things in moderation. But I hardly want cake anymore. The thing is with diets you are always told that if you cheat you have failed. I definately don't feel like a failure in fact its one of the best things I have ever done and I wish I had done it earlier.


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